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Praise to Virgin Mary

Fourteen Hymns (Second String Quartet)

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op.22 (1988)

Dedication: in memory of Pelagia Zlygostyeva

2 V-ni, V-la, V-c; in the final movement also: (ad libitum any elements or all of them together): percussions (Cassa, Piatto sospeso, Triangolo - 1 performer) behind the stage, three trumpets in the balcony, light effect

I. Τῇ ὑπερμάχῳ στρατηγῷ / Te Hupermacho stratego
II. Βλέπουσα ἡ Ἁγία, ἑαυτὴν ἐν ἁγνείᾳ / Blepousa he Hagia heauten en hagneia
III. Δύναμις τοῦ Ὑψίστου / Dunamis tou Hupsistou
IV. Ζάλην ἔνδοθεν ἔχων, λογισμῶν / Zalin endothen echon logismon
V. Θεοδρόμον ἀστέρα / Theodromon Astera
VI. Κήρυκες θεοφόροι / Kerukes theoforoi
VII. Μέλλοντος Συμεῶνος / Mellontos Sumeonos
VIII. Ξένον τόκον ἰδόντες / Ksenon tokon idontes
IX. Πᾶσα φύσις Ἀγγέλων / Pasa fusis Aggelon
X. Σῶσαι θέλων τὸν κόσμον / Sosai thelon ton kosmon
XI. Ὕμνος ἅπας, ἡττᾶται / Humnos hapas hettatai
XII. Χάριν δοῦναι θελήσας / Charin dounai thelesas
XIII. Prelude. Ὦ πανύμνητε Μῆτερ / O panumnete Meter
XIV. Fugue. Ἄγγελος πρωτοστάτης / Aggelos protostates

Theatralization: a moderate one is necessary

Duration: 51′

Performance: - State Shostakovich Quartet: Andrey Shishlov (1 violin), Sergey Pishchugin (2 violin), Alexander Galkovsky (viola), Alexander Korchagin (cello), percussionist: no information; Moscow, Small Hall of the Conservatory, April 30, 1994.

13 - the same performers; Moscow, Small Hall of the Conservatory, Moscow Autumn X, November 17, 1988 (the performance of the same movements, with the 13th one) - no information

Extra info
The "titles" of movements are the first words of Akathist to Virgin Mary, no need to translate them into any languages for posters and programs. If use, it's necessary to print by original Greek characters which are printed in the published score.

score: партитура: Михаил Ермолаев-Коллонтай / Mikhail Yermolaev-Kollontay / Похвала / Praise / Четырнадцать гимнов / Fourteen Hymns / (Второй квартет) / (Second Quartet) / Первый квартет / First Quartet / Четыре миниатюры / Four Miniatures / для двух скрипок, альта и виолончели / for two violins, viola and cello / партитура / score М.: Издательское объединение "Композитор" // Kompozitor Publishers, 1994.

audio: All-Union Radio: State Shostakovich Quartet with the same performers; percussionist: no information, 1st trumpet: Sergey Zverkin, 2 and 3 trumpets: no information; conductor for trumpetists in the balkony: Nikolay Korndorf (live: Moscow, Small Hall of the Conservatory, Moscow Autumn X, November 17, 1988)

publication of audio: no information

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