Mikhail Kollontay
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Percussions Ensembles

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op.21e (1987)

I.TIMP, Hi-hat, Cassa, T-ro, Tam-tam, Frusta, 2 Tom-toms (a; d1)//II.C-NE, Fischietto, T-no, Reco-reco, Blockflote, Timp (2-do), Tom-tom (a) [2-do]//III.C-LLI, Piano (2-do), T-ro (2- do), Tr-lo, Cassa (2-do), Tam-tam (2-do), Sil (2-do, 3-tio), Cel (2- do)//IV.VIBR, Fless, Crot (gis2; h2), Legno (2-do), Gong (c1), Sil (2-do), Timp (2-do)//V.SIL, Legno (2-do), Cassa (2-do), Castagnette, Gong (c1) [2-do], Fless (2-do)//VI.MARIMBA, Legno, Piatto (ossia Hi=hat 2-do), Tr-lo (2-do), Gong (c1) [2-do]//Esecutore per piano: Cel, Piano, Maracas

1. Sweet Music (nocturne)
2. Concert Etude
1. How Matreshkas (or Marmosets?) Rang the Bells
2. Minuet of the Spectre of Queen of Spades
3. Dance Russkogo!

Theatralization: impossible

Duration: 5′

Performance: Percussion Ensemble of Bolshoi Theatre, art director Victor Grishin, conductor Mikhail Kollontay; Moscow, Composers's House, end on 1980s - the exact date is unknown

Extra info
The version of piano pieces for children op.21bc. The edition both together piano score and the percussion recording is desirable for the development of children's creative fantasy.

audio: Bolshoi Theater percussion ensemble, art director Viktor Grishin, conductor Mikhail Kollontay: recording from a concert in the late 1980s
publication of the audio: no information

score: no information
parts: library of the Moscow Union of Composers; author's library

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