Mikhail Kollontay
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Children's Songs

for children's choir, string orchestra with French horn and additional children's choir

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op.36 (1989)

Dedication: the transcription is dedicated to "Vesna" children's chorus

Other author(s): Peter I. Tchaikovsky, op.54, lyrics by Aleksey Pleshcheyev and Konstantin Aksakov, Nos.3-5, 7-10, 13, 14, 16

Tr-lo // soprano or tenor solo // children's chorus 1st // additional children's chorus // Cor // Archi

1. Spring (chorus)
2. My Little Garden (solo, chorus)
3. Legend (chorus)
4. Evening in the Winter (solo)
5. Kuckoo (chorus)
6. Spring (chorus)
7. Lullaby in the Storm (solo, chorus, additional chorus)
8. Spring Song (chorus)
9. Autumn (solo, chorus)
10. My Lizochek (chorus, additional chorus; lyrics by Konstantin Aksakov)

Theatralization: admissible

Duration: 32′

Performance: children's choir "Stars", art director Raisa Mogilevskaya, Leonora Kiselyova (soprano), Moscow Chamber Orchestra, conductor Igor Zhukov; Moscow, Concert Hall of the Gnessin Russian Academy of Music, May 17, 1992

Extra info
an additional choir can consist of small children and stand, for example, on a balcony

one of the choristers is playing on the triangle

choir "Zvezdny", conductor Igor Zhukov (from the concert on May 17, 1992)

see also: The Seasons, Series Magic classics, 2001. - Performers: The Four Seasons Chamber Orchestra, conductor Vladislav Bulakhov; children's choir "Stars", art director Raisa Mogilevskaya; Elena Voznesenskaya, soprano [CD]

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