Mikhail Kollontay
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for piano

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op.55 (2006–2007)

Dedication: to Irina Chukovskaya


1. Presto sussurando
2. Allegro ben ritmico e molto energico
3. Allegretto meditativo ed un poco giocoso
4. Allegro esaltato
5. Nervoso e misterioso. Presto. Marcatissimo
6. Tempo indefinito e sfuggire, all' in circa
7. Con dolore
8. Trionfante ed esaltato

Theatralization: impossible

Duration: 28′

Performance: no information

Extra info
[A] The work has an epigraph:
Alone, you prayed at top of the mountain… — Guido Gezelle

[B] All (but No. 8) Etudes have endnotes:
1) Sand and Stones. A chilly night breeze around feet. Shan't bow to you. Tired and already thurst. Be awake, the Soul.
2) I'm running, and people restricts Me. But be perfect as your Father is accomplished.
3) Downs. Silence. Drops are falling down from oars with light clink. I don't hasten anywhere.
4) , because he has been executed, and My time has come. As it is windly at this top of mountain.
5) Both broad and backed fish, both My Body and My Burial, all this is for you who suffices Me that I became the King and that I fed you here and now.
6) It's I, don't be afraid.
7) I hear his bitter wail.

[C] The 7th Etude is almost unplayable. There are two ways to play it:
a) it is best of all to use an electronic piano equipped with a memory. In this case, one may record repeated notes first, and then apply the recording when performing.
b) or, use the variant from the supplement in the score.

[D] The composition uses full double counteroctave that exists in Bösendorfer Grand Pianos. If the instrument to play does not have the full double counteroctave, a performer must substitute the 'impossible' notes by the lowest note available on the instrument.

1.3.4: Irina Chukovskaya Natalia Privarskaya, 2013-2015

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music score: no information

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